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 01    What is Essex Coast Organisation all about?

​Originally set up as a farmers group to examine and challenge the withdrawal of sea-wall maintenance policies by the Environment Agency, the group has grown into a far bigger and more influential organisation. ECO is now subscription based and represents the concerns and challenges of the majority of landowners in the coastal areas of Essex.


 02    What are Essex Coast Organisation's main aims?​

The original aims of ECO as set out in its constitution were quite simple;


  • To support and represent the interests of private landowners and occupiers of the coast in their role as custodians of the coastal environment in Essex

  • To assist, where reasonably possible, people and rural property under threat of flooding


To achieve those aims, ECO now has further targets for the long term viability of the Essex Coastal area, including;


  • Prevention of coastal and fluvial (inland) flooding

  • Working with the Environment Agency to ensure their budgets are better spent

  • Working with Essex County Council, District Councils and Parish Councils

  • Ensuring consistent maintenance regimes for coastal defences and inland waterways

  • Promoting sustainable growth in the rural economy

  • Developing public awareness of access and use of the coastal path and sea-walls


 03    Biggest achievements so far?
  • Presenting a single voice for the overwhelming majority of Essex Coastal Landowners at a multitude of meetings where individuals are not necessarily invited
  • Promoting a close working relationship between the Environment Agency and the Essex Coastal landowners
  • Providing data on salt-marsh erosion which enables the Environment Agency to use more accurate estimates
  • Testing more cost effective maintenance materials and methology, leading to reductions in sea defence costs
 04    What is this website aimed at achieving?
  • To bring a strong internet presence to ECO

  • Provide a useful resource for anyone with an interest in the Essex Coastal region

  • Provide a huge 'one-stop' on-line resource of documents for ECO members


Please feel free to use the Contact tab to send any suggestions on further content.



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