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Testing of website features

With the skeleton of the site fairly well in place, it is now going through the testing phases to ensure that all connecting links work, and that all documents and photo's can be viewed.

We have some minor issues with direct email links, but currently are happy to stick with a 'Contact Us' form to ensure email security.

Our next, but quite large task is to go through all the photo's and give them an explanation to be read at the base of each picture.

We also intend to keep uploading useful documents to both public and 'member only' areas of the website.

At some stage, the intention will be to reduce resolution on Home Page scrolling photo's, to ensure slower connection speeds are catered for.

Finally, we will work on finishing our 'mobile phone' friendly version of the whole website, as currently, some of the 'document' pages are too data and screen hungry and have loading issues.

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