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Flood Alert on Essex Coast

The Environment Agency has issued a Flood Alert (it's lowest risk warning) for the Essex Coast over the next few days.

Essex Coast from Clacton to St Peters Flat including the Rivers Colne and Blackwater Estuaries

We are expecting high tides on the Essex coast due to the combination of spring tides, strong winds and a tidal surge. The forecast high water is due at Clacton on the 25th November 2015 at 11:00am. The predicted astronomical tide level is 2.43m AODN. The forecast surge height is 0.29m. The forecast tide level is 2.72m AODN. The forecast wind direction is North West. The forecast wind strength is force 6. This warning is in force until 1:00pm on the 25th November 2015. mAODN is a standard measure used across the UK for height above average sea level. It is different to Chart Datum. We will continue to monitor levels closely and update this message as necessary.

Check out their Facebook page via our 'Useful Links' (under the Resources' tab on the top menu bar) for a deatiled map.

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