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Help steer £90 million of funding

If you have any interest in the Essex Coast, whether it be from just walking the coastline to actually using the river, then please get involved in helping to direct £90 million of Coastal Community funding to the right places.

ECO wants to encourage more local, individual opinion on these types of project, rather than the usual institutionalised and corporate views that often miss out on what the actual local population really want.

Please express an interest by emailing

The government is providing more than £1 million to fund Coastal Community Teams that will have access to the £90 million Coastal Community Fund aimed at bringing jobs, growth and prosperity back to our coastal areas. The teams – bringing together local business, councils and LOCAL people – will help coordinate regeneration projects in the area and get the chance to shape the next wave of the successful Coastal Communities Fund, announced in the latest budget.

The intention is that Coastal Community Teams will help decide where the investment goes because it’s the locals that know best what is needed to grow their local economy… but if people like you don’t get involved, then all the usual poor decisions will carry on being made by other parties.

By bringing together local businesses, local leaders and people like you, Coastal Community Teams can help tap into their local heritage and make the most of our unique coastal assets to make a success of our costal areas. The teams can also help ensure local people have the skills and opportunities so that they benefit from the new jobs and investment too.

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